~We Are Growing Up~

Brianna's 10 and in 5thth grade

Jordyn's 14 and in 9th grade

Brianna turned 12 today May 6 2015
Happy Birthday B

Brianna brought in the winning run
on her 12th Birthday

Jordyn turns 15 today 10 6 2015
Happy Birthday J

Jordyn's 15th

Jordyn's first motor vehicle in 2015
All set for next year

Brianna's 12 and in 7th grade

Jordyn's 15 and in 10th grade

Brianna & Jordyn March 2016
All set for Spring

Brianna Turns 13
On Her Birthday

Jordan Turns 16
On Her Birthday 10/30/2016

Jordan Joins National Honor Society
On 01/10/2017

Jordan's Junior Prom Night

Brianna The Fishing Girl
2018 Blue Water Cape Coral

Jordyn Gracing Our Christmas Palm
2018 Blue Water Cape Coral

Now Their's A Sun Set
Blue Water Cape Coral Florida

Jordan's Senior Prom Night Jordyn And Zack Church

Jordyn The Graduate 6/24/2018
Honeoye Falls~Lima High School

The Deploma
Honeoye Falls~Lima High School

And it's off to Canton Collage
She will study Psychology with a minor in Criminology

Turning 18 at Canton State University
October 30th 2018 Happy Birthday Jordyn

Jordyn has made the President's List
The second Tim In Her First Semister

Jordyn has made the President's List
The third Time In Her First Semister

January 2020 Brianna makes National Honor Socity

March 1st 2020 Jordyn & Brianna snowmobiling Cranberry Lake NY.

Jordyn once gain on the fall President's List at Canton U.

Jordyn: and no supprise she has already made the dean's list at Brockport U

And hear comes Brianna Now Graduating in to her senior year

And hear comes Brianna Now a senior

Brianna 18 Now a senior

Jordyn Graduates from Brockport College 2021

Proud Mom Wendy celebrates with Jordyn

Proud Mom Wendy and Dad Matt celebrate with Jordyn

Video from Jordyn's graduation https://youtu.be/Shpu9EK6PqM

Brianna's Senior Prom

in her prom dress

With close friends

Our latest Graduate Brianna Elizabeth Wise

Proud parents<
with our Grad

With family

Fall 2021 Brianna is attending Finger Lakes College in Canandaigua NY and Jordyn is in Wales UK finishing up her Masters Degree.


Brianna's new ride to college

Jordyn finishing her Master in Swansea Wales UK.

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