Before leaving the Navy, Lee and I purchased an 8X20' house trailer and moved to a mobile home park near by. The house trailer would be our new home for a while and after finishing my tour with Navy, we towed it home behind our 57 Chevy Convertible to Mumford, New York where we lived in a small trailer park for a few months until we purchased our now home in Scottsville, New York. As you might have guessed one of the first things a ham must do is get on the air, so having more guts then brains I put up a 42 ft. 2 inch water pipe and installed a new Hy Gain antenna for 6 meters. See pictures

The water pipe mast and the size of the antenna proved to be a problem when the big winds came along, so we finally relized that it was time for the real thing. We purchased a Rhone 70' crank over tower and begain construction.

Below is a picture of the guy who mentored me and got me interested in amateur radio. Don has since become a silent key and Don�s son Dick who is now WB2LAD and I are still best friends

The equipment has gotten a little newer and the ham has gotten a little older but we still enjoy the journey.
Lee and I are both Advanced class and have entered and won many VHF Contests and Lee has won the Chairman's Award at the Rochester Hamfest 2005 for outstanding leadership and dedication to the amateur community.

Here Are A Few Of Our Contest Awards

K2RHS Ed Wins Highest Score
In 1966 VHF Club Sweepstakes

WA2YEK Lee Wins Highest Score
In 1973 VHF Club Sweepstakes

WA2YEK Lee Wins 1976 Highest Score
In 1976 VHF Club Sweepstakes

WA2YEK Lee Wins 1976 Highest Score Also Receives A Plaque
In 1976 VHF Club Sweepstakes

WA2YEK Lee Wins 1977 Highest Score
In 1977 VHF Club Sweepstakes

K2RHS Ed Achieves WAS Award
By ARRL For Working All States

December 1959 Ice Storm
For Public Service Communicating During Power Outage

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