As time went on, I found a young lady that also had a great interest in pursuing this great hobby, her name was Lee. In a short time Lee also received her novice license and became WA2YEK As a reward for her hard work and dedication I bought her a 6 meter rig called a Gonset Communicator 3. I had joined the Navy and attended radioman school in Norfolk, VA where I picked my code speed up to 30 words per minute and also advanced my electronic knowledge. Then I got stationed at Quonset, Point RI. It was then that I asked Lee to marry me and spend the rest of my service time with me in Rhode Island. Lee excepted and we were married in a small church in Lee’s home town of Scottsville, NY. We lived in a quaint little Quonset hut in Quonset, Point RI and joined a vhf traffic net on 6 meters. I had to cobble up an antenna which consisted of many soldered together beer cans forming a mast on which I mounted a 6 meter whip and placed it up on top of the Quonset hut, which worked out very well.

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