Ontario Place Toronto Canada

Ontario Place is a very picturesque place to visit, and there are many things you can do.

There are all sorts of water rides and restaurants with entertainment, a full size I-max theater, which is the sphere in the picture. If you are going by boat, reservations are a must.

Ontario Place Marina can be contacted at (416) 314-9858 for reservations.
On this particular trip, we left Seneca Lake and traveled to Syracuse on the Seneca River where we connected with the Oswego River, which took us to Lake Ontario at Oswego.

We then stopped at Fairhaven for the night and the next day traveled on to Rochester.

From Rochester we traveled along the South shore of Lake Ontario to Wilson where we refueled and then headed due North across Lake Ontario.

A short time after leaving Wilson, we had the CN Toronto Tower in sight. This made navigation easier rather than watching the GPS and compass for long periods of time.

At the west end of Lake Ontario, it only took about an hour to cross the lake and we arrived at the entrance to Toronto Harbor. If you are going to Ontario Place, itís at the entrance on the left.
Here are a couple of other numbers you might be interested in when traveling the area.

Canada Customs (905) 871-3770 US Customs 1-800-927-5015