Miceli's On Don's Boat Video

At Miceli's 2/1/2016 With Neighbors Video

Walt & Jerry Catching Fish 2/3/2016 Video

Pink Flamingo On Don & Walts Boat 2/13/2016 Video

Dave Merryfield Pouring Cement 2/18/2016 Video

Gartenfest With Budwiser Clydesdales 2/21/2016 Video

Condo Crawl 2/24/2016 Video

Don's Steak And Horse Race 3/5/2016 Video

Gartenfest 3/13/2016 Video

St. Patty's Party 3/20/2016 Video

Blue Water Boating 3/23/2016 Video

Easter 3/27/2016 Video

Driveway Fish Fry 4/13/2016 Video

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