Jerry & Mark Deep sea fishing
In Mark's 30 foot Concept

Grouper, Snapper, Porgy Plus 8 Grouper just under sized
But great day fishingl

Mark Cleaning the fish
I think he has done this before

I think I see a fish fry coming up
in the near future

I guess you have to go about 12 miles
off shore if you want to catch fish

Mark cleaning the fish
on Walt's new fish cleaning station

Cathy will just love the new
accommodations in her garage

After Mark cleans the fish
Jerry skins them

Looks like John & Linda had a good fishing day as well
John cleaning Linda's fish

Speaking of fish
Now that's a fish!

Luke, Mark, Jerry Walt March 12/2019 38 Miles Off Shore Fishing!

Looks like Luke, Mark, Jerry, & Walt
Hit the jackpot

Looks like Luke is very proud
Looking over the catch

Quite a varity of fish
Groupper, Red fish, Porgy, Snapper, & Blue Porgy

Walt, Luke & Grandma
Looking over the fish

Jerry cleaning fish
for 3 hours

Walt sponcers another fishing trip 4/13/2019

Walt and his fishing crew

Nice bunch of fish
23 miles out in the gulf

Mark & Brian
Cleaning fish